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Trump’s Bogus New York Fraud Case Bond Reduced From $454M To $175M

President Donald Trump’s bond in the New York real estate fraud case has been reduced from $454 million to $175 million. This was a zero-hour decision by a New York appellate court panel of five judges. Trump was also given a 10-day extension to pay the bond, as the deadline for the original bond was today. Trump would need to pay the entire amount in cash since the 30 surety companies he contacted refused to give him a loan for such a large amount of money.

Many conservative voices and real estate investors see the case as bogus political posturing because the real estate industry works the exact way that Trump was punished for behaving. Supporters of the decision against Trump are often hypocritical. They would like to see Trump sell off his assets to pay the bond, such as Trump Tower. The dollar amount they assign to these assets is not far off what Trump or any other investors say they are worth, undermining the entire case.

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Nick Sortor on X: “CNN 1 month ago: “Mar-a-Lago is only worth $18 million!” CNN now: “Trump should sell Mar-a-Lago for $240 million to pay off part of his judgement!” Somebody PLEASE make it make sense.” / X

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