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Chuck Todd Explodes After NBC Hires Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough are furious with NBC after they hired former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. The hire comes as no surprise to conservative voices who viewed McDaniel as a mole on the inside of the Republican party doing everything in her power to tear down the organization. The hire may make sense to higher-ups at NBC, who could view her as one of their own. A constant DC presence who is the niece of another “insider,” longtime Senator Mitt Romney. The problem comes from casual NBC viewers and other hosts who bridge the gap between viewers and network executives.

Hosts Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough expressed their grievances on air with the hiring of McDaniel. They brought up her reluctance to denounce the events of January 6th and being an “election denier.” The complaints of the hosts and viewers are, ironically enough, a direct reflection of everything network executives have created. For years, NBC and other left-leaning news networks have hammered home the “extreme MAGA Republicans” line, casting these people away as the enemy. Regular citizens who happen to vote for Trump and anyone near Trump in Washington were painted as the enemies of Democracy. So, it is no surprise that a person who has been successfully branded as the enemy by NBC is seen as the enemy by employees and supporters of the network.

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