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Tucker Carlson May Have Been Fired Due To An Issue With Rupert Murdoch’s Ex-Fiance

Tucker Carlson may have been fired from Fox News over an issue with Rupert Murdoch’s ex-fiance, Ann Lesley Smith. Murdoch is the multi-billionaire owner of NewsCorp, which owns Fox News and the New York Post. According to sources who spoke to Vanity Fair, Carlson gave a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Friday night. The speech was laden with religious overtones that allegedly made Murdoch uncomfortable. Carlson’s performance that night was apparently enough to provoke Murdoch to fire him immediately afterward. The decision came from him and from board members, his son, and his daughter.

The groundwork for Tucker’s firing was laid earlier this month. The unnamed Vanity Fair source says that Tucker had dinner with Murdoch and Smith during their two-week-long engagement. During the dinner, Smith allegedly pulled out a Bible and started to read scripture from the Book of Exodus. Murdoch sat there with a blank stare. Murdoch had allegedly seen Smith and Carlson speak religion with each other, which made him very uncomfortable. Shortly after this dinner, Murdoch called off the wedding between him and his fiance. The final straw for Tucker specifically may have been the Heritage Foundation speech. By firing Carlson, Murdoch removed his ex-fiancee’s favorite show off of television.

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