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Some Georgia Colleges Remove ACT/SAT Requirements For Entry

Some Georgia colleges are eliminating the SAT/ACT testing requirements for entry as college enrollment drops to historical lows across the country. Three colleges will still require these tests for entry, namely the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville will bring testing requirements back in what they describe as an experiment to see how test scores affect applications. The stated goal of removing these requirements at the other 23 public colleges is to give people the opportunity to gain entry into colleges that otherwise shouldn’t. Minorities (blacks and hispanics) were mentioned.

The issue with removing testing requirements is that the true purpose is not to give underprivileged kids a chance at higher education. Nor is it about bypassing an outdated model of measuring prior and potential academic performance. The truth is that this move is about shoring up college enrollment which is at an all-time low. Funding for colleges in Georgia, and possibly other states, is determined by a formula that includes the number of kids in seats in colleges. In other words, lower enrollment means less funding. The move to remove testing requirements is more about siphoning student loan money from kids and also increasing overall direct funding for academia.

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