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Tucker Carlson Says The NSA Is Spying On Him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says that the NSA (National Security Agency) is actively spying on him. A Government whistleblower is the alleged source of this information about the NSA. The purpose of the alleged spying, according to the whistleblower, is to gather damaging information. Carlson has apparently seen some of this information that could have only been gathered from his private email. According to the source, this information will be released bit by bit in order to damage Tucker Carlson’s reputation as well as his Fox News show.

The NSA responded on Twitter through a screenshot of a short, two-paragraph statement. An interesting note here: the comments on that tweet are disabled. The only way to respond to it is by quote-tweeting, which actually shows up in a similar fashion to direct comments. In the tweet itself, the NSA denies that Tucker Carlson is an intelligence target of the agency. They also say that the NSA never had any plans to take “Tucker Carlson Tonight” off the air.

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Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show comes on at 8pm Eastern Time every night. The NSA tweet was posted at 8pm sharp. Some may view this as a coincidence but that doesn’t quite pass the smell test. From the outside looking it, it appears as if the NSA are taunting Carlson for some strange reason. One could guess that it has something to do with Tucker having the ability to reach a very large audience throughout the United States almost immediately. If Tucker has on a person from let’s say… Project Veritas. If that particular group exposes highly sensitive information live on 8pm Fox News, that could create a serious problem for the NSA.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Carlson’s accusation after he initially made them but before the NSA’s response. She essentially said to ask the NSA, but not before she parroted the familiar line of “the NSA handles foreign affairs”. Yes, the NSA is tasked with handling foreign affairs when it comes to security. The NSA repeated that in their statement about Carlson’s accusations. Almost like the White House and NSA coordinated to give the same story. And, quite frankly, their given task is irrelevant. The almost “joint” statements from the NSA and White House are also just as irrelevant.

Tucker Carlson did not ask the NSA if he was the subject of an investigation or an intelligence target. So when the NSA placed that in their statement, it served as more of a misdirection. As for the “NSA handles foreign affairs” line, that same thing is said about FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). This act was used to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The excuse given was that Russia was trying to interfere with the election.

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The Government said that certain bad actors around Trump were possible weak links with Russian ties. So in order to gather intelligence on possible foreign intervention, they had to spy on US citizens who were not even necessarily direct targets. This included Donald Trump, his friends, and his whole family. See how that works? This is why the “Tucker is not subject to investigation” line is unimportant. If anything, it serves as a reminder that the same line was used against Trump. Maybe it is more trolling/antagonizing than misdirection.

Edward Snowden warned US citizens about the unchecked power of the “intelligence community”, specifically the NSA. Snowden spoke about how the NSA spies on regular civilians. Phone monitoring and reading email is nothing that they cannot do. Local Governments do this type of thing out in the open and report on it when a person is a suspect of a crime. Cellphones are easily monitored by a simple radio. Fugitives of the law are tracked by pinging their phone if they possess it. Police serve warrants to cell phone providers and social media companies every single day. Several people are in jail as a result of Instagram direct messages acquired by a warrant. If this type of thing is done out in the public, then imagine what is done behind closed doors that the Government would prefer you not to know about.


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