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Unhinged NYC College Professor Pulls Machete On New York Post Reporter

An unhinged NYC adjunct college professor pulled a machete on a New York Post reporter after he knocked on the door of her Bronx apartment. The reporter was there to inquire about the viral video of her knocking over a Students For Life Display at her job, Hunter College. The professor, Shellyne Rodriguez, obviously did not appreciate the reporter’s visit. She opened the door and greeted him with a machete to his neck, telling him to get away from her home (with much more colorful language). That video of Rodriguez has also gone viral.

Hunter College almost immediately fired Rodriguez after the machete video came out. They did not, however, apparently discipline her in any way following the video where she vandalized the Students For Life display. She did not like the group’s pro-life message and decided to also use colorful language and violence toward them. It is no surprise that Rodriguez has a pending lawsuit with NYPD over her 2020 arrest during the George Floyd riots. She says they abused her by slamming her face into a fence and tightening the handcuffs to the point where she suffered nerve damage.

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NYC college professor Shellyne Rodriguez who threatened Post reporter with machete is fired

Professor holds machete to reporter’s neck after destroying student’s pro-life display | Fox News

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