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The View’s Joy Behar Says Black Conservatives Are Out Of Touch With The Black Community

Joy Behar of The View recently stated that black conservatives like Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas aren’t really in touch with the community. She says the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mantra contrasts with the reality of the black experience. Nobody on the stage chimed in to correct Behar, including Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin who are both black women. Joy Behar is white as is the majority of the live studio audience watching “The View”. The audience cheered after she made her statement about black conservatives. This display shows just how racist much of the left actually is, all while trying to accuse the right of being the racists and fascists.


Joy Behar: Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas don’t understand what it means to be Black in America – Washington Times

Joy Behar Insists Tim Scott Doesn’t Understand Race Issues

‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott Don’t ‘Get’ Systemic Racism: ‘That’s Why They’re Republicans’ (Video)

Joy Behar blasted by Black Republicans over claim Tim Scott ‘doesn’t get’ racism: ‘Sit this one out’ | Fox News

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