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UPDATE: Kenly, NC Fires Controversial City Manager Justine Jones

The small town of Kenly, North Carolina has fired city manager Justine Jones just six weeks after the entire police force quit. The decision to remove her came as a result of a 3-2 city council vote. When the story broke six weeks ago, the police who quit were labeled as potential racists.

Justine Jones is black and all officers, including the police chief, were white. People just drew a conclusion that the only reason they all quit is that they did not want to work for a black woman. All of the offers say that was not the case. They say Jones created an unbearable and toxic work environment. She was simply ineffective at her job. Furthermore, there was already a staffing shortage before Jones came on the job.

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There were supposed to be eight full-time officers working in Kenly. However, when five officers quit, all of the officers were gone. Jones’s poor performance compounded a problem that already existed. The city council has fired her for the same reasons the officers mentioned six weeks ago.


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