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Trailer For “My Son Hunter” Hits The General Public And You Must See It

“My Son Hunter” is an upcoming movie chronicling the issues with Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his alleged corrupt ties to Joe. The trailer has been released to the general public. Just in about two minutes, several stories that hit mainstream media (eventually) about Hunter and Joe Biden were covered. The now-infamous “Laptop From Hell” was a prominent figure in the trailer as several things from it were discussed.

Joe Biden allegedly being the “big guy” and getting his “cut” were mentioned. A scene that appeared to be set in a place resembling Eastern Europe was shown. This is in reference to the Burisma Holdings scandal where Hunter was allegedly paid $50,000 a month to sit on an energy board. Hunter had no prior experience with energy at all. An actual clip of Joe Biden bragging about essentially extorting Ukraine in order to fire the guy investigating Burisma was also shown.

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Overall, the acting appeared to be pretty solid. A couple of notable actors were in the trailer including Gina Carano. A secret Hollywood screening reportedly got a standing ovation. “My Son Hunter” will be released on Wednesday, August 7th on


Watch: Ever Heard of Laptop from Hell? Public Reactions to ‘My Son Hunter’ Trailer

My Son Hunter Full Trailer | – YouTube

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