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UPDATE on Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting: Neighbor and Foster Mom Speak

There have been quite a few developments in the police-involved shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio. A neighbor of the foster home Bryant was living in came forward with his own security camera footage and an on-air interview. The foster mother has spoken to the media to give more context behind the fight that resulted in tragedy. The person who almost got stabbed (commonly referred to as the girl in pink) has also given her perspective.

All of the new information released to the public gives much more context to the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant. The new information also dispels rumors that have been floating around the internet. The neighbor’s security footage provides footage before the officer arrived as well as better sound. Ma’Khia Bryant was clearly the aggressor in the security footage. She was also recorded saying “I’ll stab the f*** out you b****”. Bryant’s abrasive and threatening language further implicates her as the aggressor. The neighbor also gave his opinion on the matter. He says that the officer didn’t have much choice and that the video doesn’t lie.

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Rumors online about Ma’Khia being the one who called police first don’t seem to add up in light of new information. There was also a rumor stating that some girls showed up to Ma’Khia’s house to “jump” her. Neither rumor has been corroborated. The foster mother spoke out and said that some of her former foster children visited her house because it was her birthday. When they arrived, one or some of the kids/adults informed Ma’Khia that she needed to make her bed and clean up. That apparently set Ma’Khia off and a fight ensued. A knife was produced and two girls/women were almost stabbed until the officer was successfully able to end the threat.

The young lady in pink was recorded on body-worn camera speaking about the incident in question. She says that the officer “got her” because Ma’Khia came at her with a knife. She did not “thank” the cop directly in this short recorded body-worn camera clip, but she did acknowledge that he saved her from Ma’Khia’s rage.


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