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US Army Soldier Detained In North Korea After Willfully Crossing The DMZ Illegally

A soldier from the U.S. Army has been detained in North Korea after voluntarily breaking away from a tour group to cross the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The Pentagon has identified the soldier as Private 2nd Class Travis King. He was previously detained in a South Korean detention facility due to getting into physical altercations with locals. Upon his release, King was held for a week by the US military for observation. After the week of observation, he was escorted to the airport to board a flight back to the United States. Unfortunately, the military escort could not take him all the way inside the airport. So, he simply did not board the flight and left the airport. King then dressed in civilian clothing and took a tour of the DMZ. Witnesses say they heard King let out a loud laugh as he jumped across the border. He is now believed to be in the custody of North Korea. DPRK will most likely use Travis King as a political pawn to gain favor in certain areas of concern.


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