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Janet Yellen Dined On “Magic Mushrooms” During State Trip To China

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen dined on “magic mushrooms” almost immediately upon her arrival in China before meeting with state representatives. Yellen was on a state-sponsored trip with the intention of “mending” relationships with the dominant force in the Eastern World. She met with several Chinese officials, including Vice Premier He Lifeng, who is the Economic Chief in China and a close ally of President Xi Jinping. Her meeting with He became fodder for CCP propaganda when, upon introduction, she shook He’s hand and bowed excessively. This is not protocol and it is actually quite embarrassing. Yellen had just dined at the Yi Zuo Yi Wang restaurant chain, where she (and her entourage) consumed four servings of magic mushrooms. According to local sources, the mushrooms are psychedelic and unpredictable. Such a thing should not be done on an official state trip to meet with Government officials.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen dined on psychedelic mushrooms in China: report

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen commits ’embarrassing’ bow during Beijing visit

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