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US Delaware Attorney David Weiss Appointed Special Counsel In Hunter Biden Probe

Conservative pundits and politicians are calling foul after US District Attorney from Delaware David Weiss becomes Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. Weiss was, of course, appointed by US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland was famously up for selection to the US Supreme Court during the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia. He was resurrected after Trump’s 2020 election defeat as Attorney General to replace Bill Barr. Garland is presumed by conservatives to have a chip on his shoulder, and his actions since coming into office have alluded to this. Appointing David Weiss as Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden probe appears to be yet another example of that proverbial axe to grind.

The IRS whistleblower who came forward about the Hunter Biden investigation complained specifically about David Weiss. The allegation is that Weiss’s investigation of Hunter was not proceeding in an appropriate fashion. The whistleblower alleges that Hunter was given obviously special treatment due to his status as Joe Biden’s son. Then, beyond whistleblower allegations, there was the sweetheart plea deal crafted by Weiss that wound up being rejected by a federal judge. Under that deal, Hunter Biden would have received no jail time for a federal firearms charge and two felony tax evasion charges. There was also a provision within the plea deal for immunity from future crimes that he was still under investigation for.

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Although David Weiss is a registered Republican appointed by President Donald Trump in 2018, that does not mean he is on the side of conservatives as it relates to Hunter Biden. The Biden administration kept Weiss on as a District Attorney in Delaware when they assumed power in the White House. They could have just as easily replaced him with a liberal person in a similar fashion to Merrick Garland taking over for Bill Barr. Since Joe Biden was a Delaware Senator from the 1970s until the early 2000s, he probably knows David Weiss on a personal level. Hunter may know him as well since he obviously grew up in Delaware with his father. This situation has “conflict of interest” written all over it, but nothing like this is surprising in the Biden administration.


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