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Vehicle Explodes Near US/Canada Border At Rainbow Bridge

A vehicle exploded near the US/Canada border at the base of the Rainbow Bridge that connects Niagara Falls US to Niagara Falls Canada. Initial reports stated that the vehicle was driven by two people and that it was full of explosives. This was immediately deemed a “terror attack” and groups such as “HAMAS” were mentioned on mainstream media outlets. Some sources said the car came from the Canadian side while others said that it came from the US side. There were some unsubstantiated reports of passports from specific countries found near the debris field. Some of that information is true but much of it is either false or unconfirmed.

This appears to have been a simple car accident from an out-of-control vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Eyewitnesses stated that the car was going so fast that it actually went airborne before it crashed, burned, and exploded. Authorities later claimed that there were no explosives in or near the vehicle. The allegations of found passports were never spoken by authorities as it was a social media rumor.

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The timing of this incident is most certainly a head-scratcher. Just two days ago, CBS News reported that the ongoing conflict in Gaza is causing an increased risk of terror attacks in New York. There is also the worsening issue of the migrant crisis that is affecting all of New York, especially NYC. Multiple media outlets reporting on the explosion mentioned that this could have been the work of migrants or terrorists.


Rainbow Bridge: Two die in explosion in Niagara Falls after car crashes at ‘very high speed’ | US News | Sky News

Escalating violence in Gaza increasing chatter of possible terror attack in New York, intelligence report says – CBS New York

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