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Veteran Confronted By Trans City Councilman Over “Offensive” Sign

A Vietnam veteran by the name of Don Sucher was confronted by City Councilman Tiesa Meskis over an “offensive” sign in his shop. Sucher owns the Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, Washington. The sign said something along the lines of “if you weren’t born with (blank) then you are not a chick.” The sign was not placed on a door or some other obvious area, rather it was written on a sheet of paper laid on an item in the shop. The content of the sign was enough to drive Meskis over the edge into a full-blown confrontation with the 78-year-old veteran.

The dust-up between Sucher and Meskis was big enough to reach local news (and now, national news). Meskis turned the argument with Sucher into a moment to yell out transgender affirmations such as “trans women are women!”. Almost immediately, it was clear that the argument was not about the two of them, but to everyone who would watch the cell phone video afterward. Sucher appeared to simply defend himself and his right to freedom of speech. He even stated that as a 78-year-old Vietnam veteran, he is not worried about anyone’s feelings.

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In an almost surprising turn of events, the shop owner isn’t getting “cancelled” over his apparent lack of concern for transgender activism. Sucher told Meskis “every time some bull sh_t like this happens, my sales go up because people are wanting this”. Countless 5-star ratings have flowed in to support the elderly shop owner and to counteract any negative reviews he may get from supporters of Meskis. The trend is pretty clear here. As more and more people are attacked over basic beliefs, the less credibility the attackers will have. Cancel culture is finally moving in a different, more positive, direction.


‘That’s Bullsh*t’: Vietnam Vet Star Wars Shop Owner Tells Trans Council Member ‘You’re Not A Woman’ In Viral Public Confrontation | The Daily Caller

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  1. NEVER give in to the Trans tyrants.
    SUPPORT this Vietnam veteran and the right to free speech.
    KEEP TRANS and DRAG QUEENS AWAY from our children and out kindergarten/gradeschools !!

  2. Life is hurtful sometimes. Bringing ridicule upon yourself by dressing up as a woman and walking around is probably one of the best ways to encounter hurtful things, or just making yourself look weird. If you don’t want to encounter hurtfulness, then don’t invite it upon yourself.

  3. Men cannot get pregnant, men cannot menstruate, men cannot breastfeed. Be a transvestite or drag queen all you want! After all It’s your life and I have no problem with that. But facts are facts and anything short of a Brain transplant into a female body. No surgeries and or hormone therapies will ever change what you were born as.

  4. I agree, your born wih the sex organ that will idenfy your gender as male of female. God made both genders to populate the earth. That’s even more true of all living reproductive things, eighter being sea life, flying,walking, crawling things and yes, even plants…
    know that bees pollenate plant’a? I wonder why kind of insect pollenates the transgener?

  5. I stand with the Veteran… A Real man, unlike this dude dressed up like a girl. Sure hope the voters kearned to do a thorough background check on politicians they are voting for because this dude used his maleness to keep his fantasy alive.

  6. “Trans City Councilman” – That’s a double barreled mental problem right there! First, he’s a politician. Second, he doesn’t accept the fact that he’s a male. What a soup sandwich!

  7. This man is awesome! Don’t let mentally ill people bully you into accepting their delusions. If a schizophrenic person tell you he is god, you don’t treat them as such. You hope that they get help, same thing for gender dysphoria!


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