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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Responds To Biden’s “Get Out Of The Way” Comments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t hold back on his opinion of Joe Biden who recently attacked the state over mask mandates. The impromptu press conference from DeSantis appeared to be totally off-script to simply address Biden’s “get out of the way” comments relating to mask mandates and other virus-related policy. Many leftists on Capitol Hill attack conservative-run states such as Florida and Texas over their handling of the pandemic. Ironically enough, people from liberal Democrat-run states like California and New York are currently fleeing to Texas and Florida.


DeSantis fires back after Biden asks him to ‘get out of the way’ of face mask mandates

Florida Governor DeSantis clashes with President Biden as state faces mounting COVID-19 surge – CBS News

‘Governor who?’: Biden pokes DeSantis in response to latest tussle with Florida Republican | Fox News

WATCH: Biden Responds to Criticism From DeSantis: ‘Governor Who?’

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