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Vice President Kamala Harris May Be Removed From Office

Vice President Kamala Harris might be on the way out according to rumors swirling on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. There have been rumors of discontent from Kamala Harris’s camp with the administration. Allegations of racism have been lobbed to Biden and his team in response to accusations of what essentially amounts to incompetence from Harris herself. Constant gaffes and awkward laughing at inappropriate times are hallmarks of Kamala Harris’s flaws. The Biden administration obviously recognizes these issues. If Kamala Harris is removed before the 2024 election, there is obviously a question of who will replace her.

The big rumor surrounding Kamala Harris’s questionable future comes from possible confirmation hearings in the House of Representatives. The House does not usually confirm normal nominees. However, the House does confirm Vice Presidential nominees. So if there is a rumor of House confirmation hearings, then there is a rumor of the Vice President being replaced. The question here is obvious and simple. Why would there be a need to replace Kamala Harris? After all, the Democratic party clearly doesn’t care about who is in office as long as they can maintain power. The issue may be a longer game issue concerning the stability of Joe Biden.

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Biden is clearly a one-term president as he is already 79 years old and visibly declining. In 2024 he would be 82 years old. An elderly man in decline simply will not get better as time progresses. There is a possibility that Joe Biden will either pass on or retire while still in office. The line of secession is clear. If the President retires before the election then the Vice President becomes President. The Democratic Party may be deathly afraid of Kamala Harris becoming President due to her incompetence and discontent. She would ruin any chances of Democrats winning on the federal level in the next election. This is most likely their point of view, although Biden’s performance is not doing Democrats any favors for upcoming elections.

Many people disliked President Trump and voted for Joe Biden instead. Those who were made aware of Biden’s obviously racist statements said in the past and during the 2020 campaign shifted their focus to Kamala Harris. Radio host Charlamagne Da God from the black radio show “The Breakfast Club” was the person on the receiving end of the famous “if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black” line from Joe Biden. Charlamagne then voted for Joe Biden, saying that he wasn’t voting for Joe but he was instead simply voting for Kamala Harris. So if she is removed from office before the next election, what will the excuse be from those people who wanted her to win and not necessarily Biden? Will there be any accusations of racism? Most likely not. Because the weapon of race is usually a weapon wielded from left to right and never the other way around.


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