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Most Vaccinated Place On Earth Cancels Christmas

Gibraltar, the most vaccinated place on Earth, cancels Christmas activities due to an “exponential” outbreak of the virus. The British territory attached to the southern coast of Spain has a vaccination rate of over 118%. The rate is higher than 100% due to Spanish people who come back and forth across the border every day for work or leisure. Every eligible person who lives in the small territory is vaccinated. Masks are required in most indoor places. People generally wear masks while outdoors as well. Some people even wear masks on top of the famous Rock of Gibraltar, the very high limestone ridge that takes up most of the territory. Yet, Gibraltar has some of the highest, if not the highest, rates of infection in all of Europe.

Other places in Europe (and around the world) have very high vaccination rates and also very high infection rates. Around 92% of the adult population of Ireland is vaccinated, yet cases and deaths from the virus have nearly doubled since August. Singapore recently experienced record high deaths and infections despite a 94% vaccination rate among the eligible population. There is not much explanation for this phenomenon. Gibraltar has started to roll out booster shots for eligible people. This practice will probably become commonplace throughout the world when outbreaks happen. And if vaccinations are mandated, then so shall boosters. Pretty soon, every nation that practices vaccine mandates will require multiple shots per year, every year until the madness ceases.

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