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Viral BLM Protest Video Displays Hypocrisy of Mask Mandates!

A now-viral video of a BLM-inspired “protest” against Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago displays the hypocrisy of mask mandates and social distancing guidelines across the United States. Several dozens, if not hundreds of people decided to have an impromptu dance party at the so-called “protest.” Some of the dancers had masks on and some didn’t. Absolutely no six-foot “social distancing” took place at the party.

Proponents of Black Lives Matter protests happening during the current pandemic jump through hoops to try and defend their position. There are health “experts” who proclaim that protesting for “Black Lives” may be more important than all of the social distancing and mask ordinances. Those “experts” are the same ones who said that black people are damaged the most by the virus and extra precaution should be taken to protect them. So which one is it?

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The flurry of excuse-making from the far left to defend indefensible behavior is dizzying. Their excuses come just as fast and furious as displays of outright hypocrisy. Having large-scale dance parties without social distancing and minimal mask usage is one thing.

Doctor Disaster

Then there are people like the pandemic “expert” who all of the mainstream media loves, Doctor Anthony Fauci. He threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ baseball game. For the pitch, he wore a mask. Which seems unnecessary due to no fans being in the stadium and all of the players going through rigorous testing for the virus. But when Dr. Fauci sat down, he took his mask off and/or wore it improperly in a variety of ways.

Do As I Say, Never As I Do

To a large portion of Americans, it’s clear that there is a certain set of rules for some, and then another set of rules for others. High-ranking officials can do whatever they want while pushing laws onto people that they themselves do not follow. If a group of “protesters” claim to advocate for a popular political motive, then they don’t have to follow any of the virus rules either.

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If the virus rules are on the books to ensure the safety of American citizens, then politics should not play a part in whether they are enforced or not. Americans are already upset about what appears to be a two-tiered justice system. Regular people don’t have the power that politicians or friends of politicians have. Now, there is a politically-based two-tiered justice system forming among non-politicians. Edging us closer and closer to an animal-farm type of society. And that’s not what any of us needs.


Hundreds of protesters gather in Logan Square outside Mayor Lightfoot’s home

Protest at Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park ‘hijacked’ by ‘vigilantes,’ mayor says – Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Christopher Columbus statues taken down after protests

Hundreds of protesters gather in Logan Square outside Mayor Lightfoot’s home

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