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Washington Post Releases Controversial Anti-White Video

The Washington Post has released a cringe-worthy video that is best described as simply… anti-white. It is apparently an extension of what is now widely known as critical race theory. CRT has taken on many forms in K-12, college, and many workplaces throughout the United States. The ultimate *stated* end-goal of CRT is to expose all areas of “racism” in the United States and develop ways to deal with them. Now the *actual* end game is apparently to group Americans into racial categories and then to classify nonwhites as innocent victims and whites as guilty oppressors.

To call the video from the Washington Post “vague” would be nothing short of a severe understatement. The video’s title suggests that it will propose problems and solutions with “whiteness”. All that the video actually does is offer the viewer a full bowl of unfulfilling word salad. Except for certain points in the video where the speaker and/or text on screen is crystal clear. And these moments of clarity deliver the actual message. White people are to perpetually apologize for being white even if they do not know why they are apologizing. One person said that she isn’t even in the place to identify the specific things that she needs to improve as a white person.

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Critical race theory ties in here because children are taught the same types of ideology that the adults in this video exhibited. The goal is clearly to indoctrinate children from an early age so when they get to be adults, they parrot the exact same language that “woke” adults do now. These people will be malleable and easily swayed by dangerous ideology, just like Germany prior to World War 2. History is easily repeated once the nature of it has been obfuscated and changed to fit the agenda of the person in control of replaying the story. The Washington Post is obviously one of these gatekeepers. The primary way to fight against them is to provide a factual narrative more powerful than theirs.


Washington Post Video Urges White People to ‘Get Together, Specifically around Race’

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  1. As a 60 year old white woman, I can honestly say my race never was a thought-as the race of others I was around was not a consideration- I mean I have eyes I can see different colors-but it’s not on my radar-want is on my radar is the behavior of others-do they seem happy or angry or sad-those things cross all racial lines- I just see people-some hurting some having their best day-some in pain and some just going through their day- We all have the right to be here and live our lives unimpeded by others as much as possible. (waiting your turn in line) lol-
    I want to be seen for who I am on the inside because the outside matters very little- when people leave my presence I want them to feel their day was improved by being around me.

  2. We made so much progress since the 50’s & 60’s, and there are still a lot of level-headed people that aren’t buying this bunkum, but there are also a lot of grifters that are making pretty good bank off of the racism industry, and they are causing serious damage to society. Woke corporations and pandering politicians are adding serious fuel to the fire as well. Where will we end up? I don’t know, but it will be much lower than we were 15 years ago.


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