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White Atlanta Police Officer Forced Off Crime Scene Due To His Race

A white Atlanta police officer was forced to leave an active crime scene after reports of a shooting due to his race. There is a video of the incident and it is currently going viral as of December 20th, 2022. However, it is not quite clear when the video was recorded. In the video, a large group of people (all black) are gathered at night near a gas station. Police cars and an ambulance are on the scene. The ambulance is parked and most likely has at least one shooting victim inside.

Many people in the crowd are wearing BLM-type t-shirts. Some shirts say “Black Lives Matter” while one person visible to the camera had on a shirt that said “I Can’t Breathe” on the back. The crowd was openly hostile to the white officer, saying “he looks like you!” which was most likely in reference to the shooter. The officer is eventually forced to get into his vehicle by the menacing crowd that became more and more hostile toward him simply because of his race.

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Raphousetv (RHTV) on Twitter: “Police officers in Atlanta arrive to investigate a shooting but the crowd does not want any white officers involved in the investigation🚨🚔👮🏻‍♂️👎🏽” / Twitter

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