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White House Posts Awkward Tweet About Economy, Reactions Pour In

The official White House Twitter account posted a 4th of July pun-filled economic “progress” tweet that didn’t go over very well. The purpose of the tweet was apparently to tout the progress of Joe Biden’s policies resulting in a cheaper price for the typical American cookout. Many users mocked the very low amount of money saved on a meal – 16 cents – but also the tone-deaf nature of the tweet.

Something that is sort-of hidden in the tweet is the fact that it features a “GIF”. It is not necessarily “animated” in the way that typical “reaction” style graphics are. The tweet’s GIF features slides of foods that have gone down in price since this time last year. According to the Farm Bureau, a 32 ounce can of pork & beans has gone down by 13%. And of course, the pork and beans were listed first since it had the sharpest decline. The rest of the foods, such as pork chops, had decreases of around 2%. Not very much to write home about at all. A failure of a tweet.

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Inflation is currently out of control and there is no end to it in sight. Especially with the scourge of “free” money from endless money printing and Federal Reserve Bank intervention. Americans who shop for food every day have been complaining about their basic everyday needs sharply increasing in price, not decreasing. Not even by a handful of pennies like the White House suggested.


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  1. Happy 4th! First of all, if the message is coming out of the Biden Whitehouse, I’m suspicious of it being accurate…but yeah. 16 cents? Really? Why bother? It reminds me of a part in “1984” when the main guy and his co-worker are talking about the daily allotment of chocolate. The message going out from Big Brother says that the daily allotment is being raised to 10 grams, but the allotment yesterday was 20 grams, so they are sitting there basically staring the lie right in the face, but they dare not say anything contrary. The whole world seems to be coming right off the pages of that novel these days.

  2. I thought Nancy’s gourmet ice cream was the Marie Antoinette moment… but this takes the cake.

    $.16 A meme which will live in infamy.

  3. You have to remember that the Democrats and other left-of-center politicians apparently thought that 1984 was a HOW-TO guide, rather than the polemic that George Orwell wrote: to warn us *against* it. (the sad part being that *he* was a leftist.)


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