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Chicago Mayor Slams Criticism Against Her As Sexist, Racist

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been arguing her position that criticism against her is largely due to sexism and racism. This allegation comes on the heels of a well-publicized blowup between her and Alderman (Alderwoman) Janette Taylor. Ironically enough, it was Lightfoot who called Taylor to the back to have a discussion that turned into a catfight. Taylor is also a black liberal woman, so if the allegations of sexism and racism are directed toward Taylor, then the allegations don’t make much sense.

Lori Lightfoot spoke about her predecessors and the way they were handled by the media as well as local politicians. Lightfoot says that Rahm Emanuel was never seen as a polite guy or an uniter and those issues were never important. She also stated that Rich Daley wasn’t portrayed as a person who had “tensions” with people that he disagreed with. Much of Lori Lightfoot’s problem with how she is portrayed stems from local media coverage. This is probably why the freshman Chicago mayor requested “black and brown” media to grant exclusive interviews. Lightfoot’s excuse of a lack of non-white representation in local media was most likely just a smokescreen to mask an attempt to gain more favorable coverage from black reporters.

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The reality is that plenty of Chicago mayors have been heavily criticized, regardless of gender or color. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was very well-connected in Chicago politics before becoming Governor. He wound up going to prison, serving nearly 8 years before being pardoned by President Trump. Governor Gavin Newsom of California is currently being recalled. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is just as hated as New York City mayor Bill de Blasio. All of the aforementioned people are white men.

Lori Lightfoot would not need to make race-based declarations nor hide behind the shield of race victimhood if she did a better job as mayor. Crime is out of control in perpetually bad parts of the city and Lightfoot has no answer. Progressive politicians and other leftists in the city feel like she is not living up to her leftist campaign promises. Conservative people are simply disappointed with the leftist mayor doing things that do not make much sense. To make a long story less long, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not doing a good job as mayor of Chicago and she is being told so in a very direct fashion. Race, gender, and her LGBTQ+ status have nothing to do with it.


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