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White House Reporters Allegedly Screened By Biden Staffers

The Daily Beast reports that White House reporters are allegedly screened for questions by members of Joe Biden’s staff. Staffers want to know what specific questions reporters will ask White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in advance. This practice is completely unethical if true because the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) is supposed to be an independently operated, non-biased organization. So if they collude with the Biden administration before press briefings, then that removes the facade of independence.

If the story about reporters being screened for questions before they are able to ask Jen Psaki any questions, then an obvious question must be asked. Why does Psaki say some variation of “I’ll have to circle back” as a response to questions so often? After all, if she has the questions in advance, then she should be prepared to answer them. Psaki does not need much research to answer reporters’ questions because they are all administration-related and reporters are tossing her softballs compared to the fast-pitch curveballs they threw during the Trump administration.

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Jen Psaki appears to use the “I’ll circle back” line to simply avoid answering questions altogether. Many people come to the aid of Psaki by saying that she doesn’t get on the podium and like the previous administration. Where Kayleigh McEnany was smart with direct answers that she could cite with sources, Psaki simply does not answer or deflects it with her “circle back” catch-phrase. Although the media are allegedly asked to provide questions in advance, which should be seen as inappropriate and unethical, most of them probably don’t even care too much. After all, much of the mainstream media are happy that their team is in the big house.

Some reporters, however, don’t like to be dictated to. They want to ask the necessary questions and they would like straight answers. That is probably the reason why this story was leaked to The Daily Beast, if the story is true. The reporters who have an issue with Biden staffers should also have an issue with themselves and their colleagues from other networks/publications. Because nobody is really standing up to the administration like they did under Trump. And the reason why that isn’t happening is because Trump was their mortal enemy and Biden is their friend. As time goes on and fewer questions get answered, these conflicted reporters will need to ask themselves if all “friends” are, in fact, good friends.


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