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Christian Beauty Influencer “Cancelled” Over Conservative Views

When beauty influencer Amanda Ensing published her video “10 Sephora Skin-Care Gems You Need In Your Life!!!” she didn’t think she’d need to confront droves of haters. Her video, sponsored by beauty retailer Sephora, triggered the the hashtag #BoycottSephora. Why? Of course it’s because she loves America and supports law enforcement. Throw in her Christian faith that she shares without shame and her defense of the Constitution and there you have yet another cancelled content creator. (And no, the leftist mob didn’t even care that she is Latina.)

Some users even accused Ensing of “blackfishing” — a term used to describe non-black women who sport unnaturally tan or dark skin. (If only these illiterate haters knew that some Latin people have black ancestry. Cardi B, anyone? Anyway, I digress.)

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This social backlash resulted in Sephora terminating their partnership with Ensing. Of course the retailer had no problem piggybacking off a successful influencer up until the moment the liberal social mob brought down the banhammer. What does that tell us? It communicates the idea that content sponsors value public perception more than the relationships they build.

Ensign took to Instagram to offer her side of the story, stating that this scenario is nothing new for conservatives trying to make their mark. “I am not a racist, I am not a homophobic, I am not a white supremacist, I am not a part of some violent group,” the beauty influencer says. “If you’re a conservative, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

It appears people are boycotting the retailer on both sides of the aisle. Leftists are ashamed of Sephora’s sponsorship, while those on the right are enraged about the company withdrawing its partnership. In retrospect, perhaps no action from Sephora would have been the best action. Pandering has a price, it seems.

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Regardless, beauty influencers — rather, all influencers — should be warned. This very fate is coming to a channel near you. Their source of income could vanish simply for disagreeing with the status quo. The Marxist mob is everywhere, ready to pop up out of nowhere and destroy your image because you hurt their feelings. And as Ensign learned, living in a society where feelings reign supreme is a scary world to live in, indeed.


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