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White Woman Pulls A Gun On Black Woman in Detroit! What Happened?

A now-viral video featuring an altercation between a white woman and a black woman involving a gun in Detroit has captured the attention of the internet and a portion of the nation at large. The first of two videos released with no context. By that time, the conflict was in full swing and the pistol was out of the holster. An allegation of “racism” was thrown at the white woman because her gun was out and the black woman was not armed. The allegation was made, of course, before any facts of the case were known.

Let’s Start From The Top

Here’s the back story. A black woman and her two children went to a Chipotle restaurant near Detroit in a place called Orion Charter Township. An unnamed (and most likely, pregnant) white woman exited the restaurant at the same time. According to the 15-year-old daughter of the black woman, the white woman “bumped” her as she left.

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The daughter’s cellphone camera started rolling as she and her mother confronted the white woman, demanding an apology for the alleged bump. The white woman tried to get a few words out but couldn’t, and generally held her head down. She did at least get to say “call the police” which did not happen until much later.

The demand for an apology became an argument and things got very heated. The black woman began to curse at the white woman and she returned the favor. A man, apparently the white woman’s husband, appears into frame. He curses at the black woman and she returns the favor to him. This goes on for a few seconds until the husband and wife duo get into their car and attempt to leave the restaurant parking lot.

Things Go From Bad To Worse

For some reason, the black woman winds up behind the white woman’s car. As the couple back up and out of the parking spot, the black woman hits the car and says “are you trying to f**** hit me?” At this point, more verbal sparring takes place. Within a matter of moments, the white woman materializes from the car, back out on to the asphalt of the parking lot. This time, she is not hanging her head down. She has her gun out and ready.

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At this point is when the original video from the black woman’s perspective begins recording. The woman with the gun and her husband are repeatedly heard telling the black woman to back up. The other woman is not really listening and trying to record the altercation. One of the black woman’s daughters can be heard screaming at the mother to not move forward. The other daughter is heard sobbing.

The Conclusion

Eventually, the couple leaves as they intended to from the very beginning. Then, and only then, is the black woman heard asking the daughter to call the police. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the situation.

After the altercation was over, the local Sheriff announced felony assault charges against the husband and wife duo which could carry up to four years penitentiary time. It’s not quite clear why those charges were levied against them. Michigan law may not allow for the brandishing of a firearm in that particular circumstance. But it’s clear that case is one of not only self defense, but great personal restraint.

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  1. Sadly, leftists, the MSM and the democrat party are gonna just keep pushing and pushing until bad things start happening to them. Good, peaceful, law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans are only gonna put up with so much more of these racist attacks by black people and then the shit is gonna start hitting the fan–resulting in dead and injured black racists, as well as leftist, fascist whites who are promoting this whole fantasy of “systemic racism.” The lying MSM and the ultra corrupt democrat party are pushing a false narrative that is only going to lead us down a bad road. Local governments had better start protecting innocent citizens, instead of those who loot and assault people, and we had all better realize that those who adhere to leftist ideology–along with the lying MSM and corrupt democrat party–comprise THE most dangerous domestic terrorist threat that this nation currently faces and they need to be stopped NOW!!!!

  2. Under Michigan castle doctrine you only have to fear great bodily harm to your self or others. There is no obligation to retreat. The lady would have been within her rights to shot the lady blocking the car. She was trying to defuse the problem but the lady block her from leaving….
    My wife and I both carry here .we have had to produce our weapons 3 times and I will always defend myself and my family. Thankful just pulling our weapons have defused the problem but I would shoot with no guilt.

  3. Anyone who asks another for an apology is lacking brain power and should ever do it
    Not knowing that anyone who asks for an apology of another really does not mean it, It is only words to satisfy the asker.

    They should realize the apolog’r has no brains and is just pacifying you and should have just walked away

  4. 1. But why would you get out the car, if you can just pull away and leave. You are already safe in your car and not blocked in, how are you threatened? No white people like her always becomes the victim.
    2 You dont know the whole story. You just said you dont know what was happenng behind the truck or before so you are jumping to conclusions too.
    3. If you are a parent you would be offended too. You dont know the heart of either.

    Yes the gun was to much! You are o much too

  5. Can’t believe the white couple was arrested and the woman was pregnant……the black mamma is racist and so are her daughters.

  6. Shame on Oakland University for firing the husband. He had every right to protect his wife from the BT1200 racist.

  7. Too many black people have short fuses due to being taught by their fine upstanding parents ,as proven by the black kids own words, that all white people are racist and theres a white supremacist behind every bush. If blm continues their b.s. there will be a rise in white hatred for blacks. Me thinks this is their goal. Try telling a black with no plackard or obvious handicap not to park in a handicap spot. I refer to the stand your ground case down south where the black womans boy friend didn’t like a white guy telling her she shouldnt park there and immediatly got violent. His inability to be civil about it got him killed. The woman even had the nerve to go on the local news and claim her civil right to park whetever she wanted. Some people know all about their civil rights but don’t you dare lecture them about civic responsibilitys.

  8. My daughter lost virtually all peripheral vision left of center gaze (brain tumor). Wherefore, she will from time to time unintentionally shoulder bump or “check” others while in public spaces. Most people take evasive action and avoid contact. However, a few intentionally refuse to give way and after contact occurs, become offended.


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