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Woke Christian Super Bowl Commercial Sparks Worldwide Controversy

A very “woke” Christian Super Bowl commercial from “He Gets Us” has sparked worldwide controversy. The costly ad spot features people of different backgrounds washing each other’s feet. The Book of John, Chapter 13 in the Holy Bible, tells the story of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet. “He Gets Us” says that Jesus washed the feet of both his friends and enemies, which isn’t entirely true. Some say that the messaging in the commercial is good, regardless of Biblical accuracy. However, the commercial shows the foot-washing as a one-way street.

“He Gets Us” twists John 13 into Jesus simply accepting everyone for how they are without judgment. The pictures in the video are merely examples of woke imagery. There are LGBTQ, black, Muslim, and others who are seen as downtrodden. Their feet are being washed by people who are often viewed as oppressors. If the message is about accepting everyone, then even the so-called “oppressors” would get their feet washed by the “oppressed.”

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HeGetsUs on X: “Jesus washed the feet of friends and enemies. No ego or hate. He humbly loved his neighbors. How can we do the same?” / X

Foot Washing – YouTube

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