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Corrupt Mayor Accuses Black Detractors Of Racism

The corrupt mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, accused her detractors and naysayers of racism in a fiery meeting with city officials. Henyard has been at the center of local and national controversy for at least one year over her irresponsible spending habits and lack of transparency. Henyard, also the Supervisor of Thornton Township, is accused of using taxpayer money to fund elaborate trips nationwide. Expensive hotel visits in Atlanta, New York, and other cities have been well documented and scrutinized.

Henyard also has a personal security detail that travels everywhere in Dolton and Thornton Township. Such a detail is unnecessary in the small-town Chicago suburbs. Local residents and city officials in the area had it with Henyard. Tension toward the Mayor came to a head recently during a meeting in which she accused her own contemporaries of racism because she is black, and they are as well.

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Mayor Tiffany Henyard slams critics who say she spends lavishly

Tiffany Henyard: Dolton’s controversial mayor fires back

End Wokeness on X: “Mayor Tiffany Henyard: “You all should be ashamed of yourselves because you all black & you sitting here attacking a black woman in power” This was her response when questioned about using tax funds to pay for lavish trips, 1st class tickets, a $1M giveaway, and a $287k salary” / X

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