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Woke Journalists Attack Caitlin Clark For Being White And Straight

Woke journalists and television personalities, including Jemele Hill and Sunny Hostin, have attacked WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark for her race and sexuality. Clark is the all-time leading scorer in Women’s NCAA basketball history. She is arguably the biggest star of the women’s game to come out of college. However, some say that the hype train and viewership that she has brought isn’t because of her talent. There are allegations of racism from fans of the game who only like her because she is white. Then, there is the issue of Clark being straight since the majority of the WNBA identifies as LGBT.

Such comments highlight part of why the WNBA is not as successful as the people complaining about her would like it to be. The logical solution to the financial problems the WNBA has always had would be to lean into their newly-discovered star player. As Joy Taylor put it, Caitlin Clark is like “Neo” from the Matrix. All of the cast of characters on the Nebuchadnezzar were already performing their duties before the arrival of Neo… but he was the “one” who took their operations to the next level.

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