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NYC Teens Scammed Former Miss New York Out Of $2,000 With A Common Scam

NYC teens scammed former Miss New York title holder Briana Siaca out of $2,000. The scam is one that many city people could have seen coming a mile away. She revealed the details of the simple yet common scam through a video on her social media. She stated how she was walking through New York City when two teens approached her, asking for donations for their basketball team. She did not have cash and offered to donate through a payment app. Siaca wanted them to give her their information on Zelle so she could send the money. They offered to just put their information in her phone for her instead. And, of course, that’s where the scam took place.

Siaca contacted NYPD and her personal bank to see if anything could be done to retrieve the lost money. They were helpful, but ultimately, her money is still gone. Siaca’s bank, Chase, released a statement saying they appreciate Siaca warning people on social media about the common confidence scam. However, once a person hands over their device to someone with the payment app open or sends them money through the app outright, it is the same as giving them cash in their hand. Nearly impossible to retrieve.

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Ex-Miss New York sounds alarm after teens rob her of $2K in Zelle scam – YouTube

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