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Woke Navy Promoted Drag Queen As Digital Media Ambassador

The Navy recently ended a “Digital Ambassador” program in which they promoted a drag queen who goes by “Harpy Daniels.” An older video has resurfaced online in which Daniels, real name Joshua Kelly, switched between his Navy uniform and his drag queen persona. Kelly responded to the now-viral video posted by several social media influencers by doubling down with another, new video doing the same uniform-to-drag transformation. Kelly also said that his critics don’t honestly care about the military and only speak about soldiers and sailors when it benefits them.

The Navy says the ambassador program was utilized to increase recruitment amid falling numbers. Joshua Kelly previously said that his performances on military bases are for the purpose of increasing morale. While morale can be low and recruitment has been an issue with the military for a while now, it is not quite clear if drag queen performances are a solution to the problem.

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Children in K-12 education are often indoctrinated against patriotism. The military also has very public issues that would repel young people from joining, such as vaccination requirements and so on. Maybe if those issues are solved, then the problems of low morale and recruitment would be alleviated.


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