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“Woke” Third Grade Math Class Steers Completely of the Cliff

A third-grade math class in Cupertino, California got “woke” and steered in a totally different direction than the basics of addition and subtraction. An unnamed teacher decided to bring up the idea of social awareness with slides and books. This was not run-of-the-mill social awareness like… “be kind to your neighbor” or “share your supplies during a group project”. The teacher brought up transgenderism, racism, socioeconomic class, and other things that are most certainly beyond the average 8-year-old’s wheelhouse.

The “woke” social awareness program can be described no other way than “dangerous”. Children as young as seven and eight years old were instructed to categorize themselves by race, sexual identity, sexual preference, and class. They were also given an essay assignment that had them identify two of their own “identities” that gave them “privilege” and two that did not. This was not a matter of opinion. The teacher elevated white, straight, cisgender, Christians as oppressors who are at the top of society, and everyone else as beneath them. Ironically enough, the teacher read from a book entitled “This Book Is Anti-Racist”.

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A representative of R.I. Meyerholz Elementary School said that the unnecessary diversion away from arithmetic in the math class fit the process of daily learning although not in the curricula. A group of families at the mostly non-white (probably a large Asian population) took a visit to the school, furious. One parent was quoted saying that the classes are designed to make their child racist. The program has since ended, most likely due to public outrage.


Third graders at Silicon Valley elementary school asked to deconstruct their racial, sexual identities, documents reveal – Rebel News

Woke Elementary

REPORT: Public School Instructs Third Graders To Deconstruct Their Racial And Sexual Identities To Understand ‘Power And Privilege’ | The Daily Caller

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