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Woke UK Academic Says Gardening has Roots in Racism?

It won’t be long before every single institution of society has ties to racial injustice. Recently, a professor of Post-Colonial Literature in an university in England published a +300-page work that draws connections to her country’s history of slavery.

As part of the work, the academic author connected some dots between properties belonging to the National Trust and a slave-owning or racially unjust past. The professor says it is time for the country’s “dark history” to be exposed.

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The professor says knowledge about gardening and botany is elitist with “deep colonial resonances.” She also admits her own guilt, revealing her family’s connections to Caribbean sugar plantations.

While this may seem like a woke historical rabbit trail, what is the goal of this? To point fingers? To seek pity from other woke Britons while casting pity on our black and Asian counterparts? To denigrate other wealthy individuals for the source of their prosperity?

Many conservatives are suspicious of woke, progressive claims like this, likely because the people who dig up these “controversial” roots never seem to cut off their own. People who often bring up racial injustice hardly ever give up their own fruit. Wealthy progressives will bury themselves in the same tranquil gardens where the seeds of colonialism flourished.

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It’s a type of survivor’s guilt — except involving the haves and the have-nots — leaving many wealthy white Westerners feeling ashamed for existing at all. These people seek repentance from their father’s sins but also penance for the amenities they enjoy today. And without outright saying it, these people do not believe that black and brown people are capable of prosperity — not without it being given to them by whites.

This may be an honest effort to expose the origins of man (Which is sinful, indeed, as understood by people of Christian faith). But at what point in history are such acts of colonialism forgiven? After all, colonialism and the inventions of (white) men ultimately benefited us all — that is if you prefer to see the silver lining. People of all backgrounds are able to own land and gardens of their own. Black people have amassed their own wealth, empires and corporations across the globe. And last time I checked, people like Oprah and LeBron James aren’t seeking pity from academics across the pond or anywhere.

Furthermore, we seem to only highlight some “evils” of people with European ancestry. Never do we discuss the concepts of slavery happening in other places around the world — committed by other “people of color.” Instead, woke elites turn a blind eye to the fact that just as we are all capable of grave sins, we are also capable of possessing flourishing gardens of our own.

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