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WOKE Vanderbilt Fires Black Coach, Debuts Female Kicker

Vanderbilt University fired their black head coach, Derek Mason, nearly immediately after debuting their female kicker, Sarah Fuller. Fuller is the first woman to compete in men’s college football in a top-tier conference.

Her debut was not very good – she kicked the ball a mere 35 yards on a kickoff. Vanderbilt was also losing that particular game at the time with a score of 21-0. Vandy also lost that game, bringing their overall record to 0-8.

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In my opinion, it was a cringefest that certainly didn’t help Vanderbilt’s losing streak. It was sloppy for a kickoff, which leaves us with a lot of questions: Could we not have found a woman with a stronger leg? Either way, what we’re seeing is a limitation of female athleticism on a football field in comparison to other men. After all, athletic men are faced with severe injuries.

Even kickers get injured on occasion. So what would a female kicker do if she ever has to face a 6’8″ 220-lb man on the field? We are talking about a full-tackle sport. Is it worth her being injured in the name of virtue signaling? The physical differences between women and men are much deeper than what we see on the outside, and heaven forbid we have to actually see this difference played out on the field for everyone to see.

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