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The New Yorker Viral Cover Highlights Sad Feminist Life

A recent magazine cover from “The New Yorker” has gone viral all over social media platforms for at least two reasons. The image displays a 30-something woman in a small apartment surrounded by virus filth while using her laptop and a phone.

Some say that the image speaks to them because they have been living their lives that way during the time of the virus. Others say that this is a stark warning of life under third-wave feminism.

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As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and there’s a lot to be said about what one would observe in this cover.

Also going viral is the cover of The New Yorker from December 14, 1957, which depicts a home decorated for the Christmas holiday. The contrast is night and day when compared to the latest issue and some could say this is contrast represents the past and the present.

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