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Woman From Viral “Brick Attack” Hoax Video Charged With Felony Theft

A woman dubbed the “brick lady” on social media has been charged with felony theft over a $42,000 GoFundMe scam. On September 3rd, 2023, 33-year-old Roda Osman alleged she was hit in the face with a brick outside of The Galleria in Houston, Texas. She claims the assault took place because a man approached her to get her phone number, and she rejected him. She recorded a video of herself with a giant “mark” of some sort on the side of her head immediately after the incident. She uploaded it to social media, where it went viral. She received support from all over the world through well-wishes and money.

Authorities reviewed surveillance footage near the reported site of the alleged incident. Roda Osman was shown to be the aggressor, slapping a man in the face first. There was no evidence of a “brick attack” at all. The man had only a plastic water bottle, which police believe may have caused the mark on her face. Investigators say that is not the first time Osman has done something like this. A video surfaced from 2020 in which she was the alleged victim of another attack. The same “swollen face” as evidence of an assault was present in that video. She also put up a GoFundMe after that incident, raising a modest amount of money.

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Osman is currently wanted by Houston police, and they ask the public to alert them if they know of her whereabouts.


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