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Woman Tries Becoming Airbnb Host, Has Every Host’s Worst Nightmare

A video of unknown origin has gone viral on Facebook, featuring a woman detailing her horror story as an Airbnb host. The video starts off with the woman filming herself in her home speaking about what led her to become a host in the first place. She was looking to pay her mortgage off a little bit faster so she decided to put an ad out to rent one of her rooms. It’s not clear if she did a Craigslist-style ad first or if she decided to list it straight away on Airbnb.

Regardless of the sequence of events, the woman claimed to have listed her room on Airbnb. She traveled away from her city for a while and during this time she rented out her room to another woman. During a phone call with her housekeeper, the homeowner was informed that the person had not left her house. The woman was supposed to be gone three days prior. This is already a bad sign and may denote a “squatter”. Squatters, in this context, are people who refuse to leave a home that they do not own. When the homeowner returned to her house, the woman was still there… a full three days past her agreed-upon date of exit.

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Part of the way through the aforementioned video, the “squatter” emerges from “her room”. She simply took a walk to the kitchen and casually grabbed herself something to eat. The landlord was furious that she really couldn’t do anything to remove the woman from her property. And the reason for that is that anti-landlord and pro-tenant laws exist all over the country. She even called the police and they told her that there is nothing they can do because she is a tenant. The state a person lives in may dictate how tenants are properly evicted. A lot of paperwork and sometimes, simply waiting, is the only recourse.

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