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Seven Colbert Staffers Arrested For Trespassing Inside The Capitol

Seven staffers from Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk show were arrested after unlawful entry into the Capitol building. This was a high-level group of staffers, including producers and associate producers. Earlier in the day, the same group was actually asked to leave the premises but they later returned. The purpose of their visit was to record footage from inside the Capitol for Colbert’s show. They roamed around the halls and banged on doors of “controversial” Republicans like Kevin McCarthy. Reports state that Adam Schiff and a colleague of his were the ones who allowed the group inside well after the cutoff time for general public traffic.

This entire event was purely political from top to bottom. Yes, of course, money is involved here. Colbert wants ratings and since those are hard to come by on a show like his, he has to resort to bashing Trump and conservatives to get a rise out of his audience. What better way to accomplish this goal than to beat the dead horse of “January 6th”? And that is exactly what Colbert decided to do when his team ventured off into the Capitol. Adam Schiff has been a vocal opponent of conservatives and Donald Trump. So of course he would open the door for the team who supports his political goals.

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This situation appeared to be a win-win for both sides. Democrats get their political agenda met, Colbert’s team gets their political agenda met and they keep their jobs. It looked like a great plan… until the reality of law and order barged its way on the scene and derailed said plan.


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