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World Central Kitchen Founder Says Israeli Air Strike Was Intentional

World Central Kitchen founder Chef Jose Andres says the Israeli drone strike on his workers was intentional. Seven workers were killed on Monday in Gaza after they delivered a hundred pounds of food to a warehouse. Andres says his team communicated with the Israeli government and notified them of every step they made.

They rode in a convoy with clearly marked vehicles. Footage of the damage shows the brightly-colored logos and high-visibility vests still intact, although the cars were destroyed. The official word from the Israeli government is that the strike was a mistake. Andres says the strike can’t be a mistake because there were multiple attacks over quite a long distance until everyone in the convoy was dead.

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Israel had so much information on aid convoy it blew up they ‘probably even knew the NAMES of the people in the cars’: Damning claim from British Army major as former MI6 chief condemns ‘reckless’ strike | Daily Mail Online

CBS News on X: “Chef José Andrés said the 7 aid workers killed by an Israeli airstrike were “targeted deliberately,” and he believes the conflict in Gaza is “not a war against terrorism anymore” and instead, it’s a “war against humanity itself.” Israel blamed the strike on “misidentification.”” / X

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