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Wyoming Sorority Sues National Chapter Over Trans Woman Admitted

A trans woman by the name of Artemis Langford successfully gained entry into the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority House at the University of Wyoming. Typically, the house is off-limits to men anywhere beyond the first floor. This is because the second and third floors are where the bedrooms and communal bathrooms are. However, since Langford is a member of the sorority and identifies as female, he has access to the entire house.

Although Langford does not actually live in the sorority house, he was spotted hanging out in the communal living areas on frequent occasions. He does not even appear to be attracted to men. Many girls say they saw him in a state of arousal in the house. This situation has sparked a lawsuit against the national chapter of the sorority. The girls argue that they signed up to be part of a women’s organization for women only. They do not want to be vulnerable to men in a women-only space.

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KKG responded to the lawsuit by saying it was full of false accusations and that KKG is diverse and does not discriminate. “Diversity” that goes beyond the original purpose of the organization does not make much sense. If biological men are allowed to join the organization, then it does not make sense to refer to it as a “sorority.”


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