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Montana Becomes First State In The USA To Ban TikTok Completely

Montana has become the very first state in the USA to enact a complete ban on the social media app called TikTok. Governor Greg Gianforte signed into law a bill that makes operating the app illegal within the state. If allowed to stan, TikTok will no longer be legal in Montana on January 1st, 2024. The ban would be void if the company is sold to a non-Chinese entity. Currently, TikTok is operated by a US-based outfit, yet it is still owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. By law in China, any companies are subject to CCP Government control and intervention.

This ban goes much further than other bans from other states that simply restrict access to TikTok on phones owned by Government employees. TikTok spokesperson Jamal Brown says there are 200,000 TikTok users in Montana. There are also 6,000 businesses that use the social media platform. Gianforte’s decision to ban TikTok will not happen without a fight, of course. TikTok’s army of lawyers will argue that banning the controversial platform is against the US Constitution, Freedom of Speech.

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Ironically enough, TikTok is actually banned in China. The CCP does not allow the level of filth that is on TikTok to impact the minds of their young people. China has its own version of TikTok called Douyin. The two apps are identical to each other in terms of technology and operation. They are also owned by the same company. The key difference between TikTok and Douyin is the content. TikTok has no problem showing very young people garbage content devoid of educational value. Douyin provides more positive content that focuses on good behavior and educational achievements. China’s government also sets limits on the amount of time children are able to access social media.


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