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YouTube Demonetizes The “Fresh & Fit” Channel After Controversies

YouTube has “demonetized” the Fresh & Fit channel after a string of highly-publicized controversies. This action strips the channel’s ability to get paid from Google/YouTube-placed ads on their videos. It also takes away their ability to receive “super chats” which are direct-from-viewer donations that are integrated with live streams, live premiere videos, and pre-recorded videos in the form of “super thanks.” Becoming demonetized does not result in a channel being deleted from the platform, but it does severely impact their ability to make money.

This action was unfortunately predictable. Fresh & Fit is inherently a controversial channel. The core content loops involves topics that are routinely identified as “misogynistic” by large swaths of the population. The two hosts of the show, Myron Gaines and Walter Weeks, are often criticized for picking on young, uneducated pretty girls in their studio for clicks and views. This formula is controversial enough without Myron & Walter deciding to branch out and interview known racists like Nick Fuentes and also other banned figures like Sneako. To make matters worse, Fresh & Fit have also gotten themselves involved with YouTuber conflicts.

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All of the existing controversy combined with the new controversies just made them an overall toxic product, waiting for the wrong viral moment to tank their channel and YouTube’s overall ad revenue along with it. This left YouTube with no other choice than to demonetize the platform. There may be a chance for Fresh & Fit to get themselves back monetized, but they will most certainly have to roll it back.


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