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YSL Attorney Nicole Fegan Arrested On Gang Charges

Nicole Fegan, a defense attorney in the YSL Rico case involving rapper Young Thug, has been arrested on gang charges. She is accused of tipping a murder suspect to delete evidence from his phone. If convicted, she faces serious prison time. Fegan is the lawyer for Tenquarius Trenard “Nard” Mender, an alleged member of YSL. However, it is not clear if she tipped off her client or someone else who could be linked to her client.

YSL, or “Young Slime Life,” is a record label that allegedly doubles as a street gang. The group has reportedly been involved in the death of over 50 people since 2014. One of the gang’s alleged “hits” was Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas. Thomas was an alleged boyfriend of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. The YSL RICO case was brought about by Fani Willis at around the same time she brought RICO charges against President Donald Trump and many others in the election interference case.

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