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100 Pastors Accuse Kelly Loeffler Of Attacking The Black Church

Over one hundred pastors signed an open letter accusing Kelly Loeffler of attacking the black church due to her political attacks against her opponent in the Georgia Senate race, Reverend Raphael Warnock. Loeffler, and other conservative political types, have framed Warnock as a radical due to statements he has made during his sermons. The open letter comes on the heels of another open letter signed by even more pastors condemning the Southern Baptist Convention for condemning critical race theory.

In the open letter, Kelly Loeffler is nearly depicted as a racist and as an anti-religion bigot. The letter, which is nearly entirely political, tends to echo anti-conservative and pro-liberal statements from the mainstream media. Loeffler is accused of supporting President Trump’s “attempt to toss out black votes.” While Loeffler has not spoken out against the President’s effort for election integrity, there is no evidence of any efforts to disenfranchise anyone, let alone black people specifically.

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The author of the letter also accuses Loeffler of cozying up to far-right groups, namely the Proud Boys and the Wolverine Watchmen. The Proud Boys have publicly, on television, come out against white supremacy and racism. The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, is not white. The Proud Boys are not a “far-right” or “racist” group. The Wolverine Watchmen did attempt to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. But they are anti-Government in general, not far-right. One of the main figures of the Wolverine Watchmen said that he does not support Trump on a social media video.

The importance of the Georgia Senate runoff election cannot be stressed more. If Democrats win, then they control the Senate. If Republicans win, then they control the Senate. Democrats already control the House. So if Joe Biden becomes inaugurated in January 2021, then that means Democrat control every decision-making side of Government. And that is the worst-case scenario for conservatives and Republicans. Both sides of the aisle understand the importance of the race and plenty of outside money is being dumped into Georgia in an effort to influence the race one way or the other.

The smear against Kelly Loeffler appears to simply be a campaign tactic. To link hyper-liberal radical values to Christianity is shameful. Critical race theory, political smears, and outright lies should not have a place in Church. To throw the race card on top of it all just makes it that much more shameful. But nothing else should be expected from liberal Democrats. They will do anything to win, as millions of Americans were able to witness during the 2020 Presidential election.

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