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2022 State Of The Union Address RECAP – An Attempt To Salvage Midterm Elections

The 2022 State Of The Union address presented by President Joe Biden took place on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 at about 9PM Eastern Time. The President spoke for about an hour in a generally gaffe-free way, aside from mispronunciations such as “Iranian” instead of “Ukrainian”. The tone of this speech almost came off as conservative at certain points. Biden mentioned “funding” the police instead of defunding. He also spoke about tougher border security and focusing on goods made in America. The aforementioned talking points appear to be Biden’s attempt to salvage any hopes of having a positive outcome in the upcoming midterm elections.

Joe Biden is polling abysmally bad throughout the entire country. This is true for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. This is why he tried to reach out to the other side with some of his talking points. Unfortunately for him, he would often contradict himself while trying to sound more “conservative”. He’d talk about being a Capitalist then a few seconds later he’d talk about the rich paying their “fair share”. Biden also brought up a “global tax” that would prevent American businesses from leaving and setting up shops in a poorer country for cheaper labor. If Joe Biden is a capitalist then Mao Zedong was a capitalist.

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Ukraine took front and center stage during the State Of The Union. There were even people in the audience with Ukrainian flags. The only American flag in sight appeared to be the one behind Biden during the speech. Not so much in the audience. Ukraine is, of course, the elephant in the room so Biden had no other choice but to address it head-on. However, the State of the Union should be more about the United States of America instead of other nations. Much of the talk about Ukraine was directed toward offering support for innocent civilians in the nation and also Russia as the aggressor.

Biden spoke about imposing “crippling” sanctions on the Russian Federation as punishment for their invasion of Ukraine. Vanity items like yachts and other items were mentioned. The problem is that much of the talk about sanctions on Russia is no more than idle talk. The United States is still reliant upon Russian oil and gas. Biden gave Russia the green light for Nord Stream 2 before the Ukraine conflict after Trump did not. And how Biden is trying to revert back to the way Trump handled it. The issue with this strategy is that the genie is already out of the bottle and it won’t go back. Biden wants to shore up the Russian energy reliance by releasing a few million barrels of reserves but the number he mentioned will last about three days.

The White House rescinded its mask mandate just days before the State of the Union address. This is clearly for optics purposes. Everyone around the world will be exposed to the SOTU whether they watch the entire thing on television from start to finish or not. Because all eyes are on the West to see how the situation in Ukraine will conclude. For “fully vaccinated” Americans to still wear masks like early 2020 would be terrible for optics. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki may deny that the mask mandate was lifted for optics and cite “changing science” but anyone with a brain can clearly see what’s happening here. The SOTU speech was not much more than the typical political dog-and-pony show.

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