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Ron DeSantis Tells Students They Don’t Have To Wear Masks And The Left Melts Down

Ron DeSantis has made the news yet again due to comments he made about masking at the University of South Florida. The “controversial” Governor of one of the most popular states in the nation was preparing to speak at a podium in front of several high school and/or college kids. Everyone behind him was wearing a mask. As he approached the podium, he addressed the kids standing there and said that it was not necessary to wear masks. He gave them the option to wear them if they wanted. DeSantis also said that the virus theater we are engaging in should come to an end. Several of the kids smiled and removed their masks while others didn’t.

Several news outlets have already attacked DeSantis for his comments. His tone was characterized as “aggressive” and “mean”. Florida Gubernatorial hopeful candidate Nikki Fried said that she won’t bully students if she became Governor. News outlets like CNN ran with an “opinion” headline stating that DeSantis yelled at the kids for wearing masks. The problem with all of this is that the naysayers didn’t really address what he said… just how he said it in order to make a political point. CNN itself has hosted doctors such as Leana Wen who say cloth masks are no more than “facial decorations”. So why is DeSantis wrong for saying the same thing that “the science” says on television everyday?

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DeSantis scolds students for wearing face masks at USF

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Florida governor candidate Nikki Fried says incumbent reminds her of Hitler | The Times of Israel

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