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CBS News Profiles Trans Woman Stuck In Kyiv, Ukraine

CBS News interviewed a trans woman by the name of Zi Faámelu who is currently stuck in Kyiv, Ukraine. As of the writing of this article, Zi complained of running out of time and supplies due to the advancing Russian army. All of Zi’s friends have left town but Zi is afraid to leave due to being transgender. Ukraine has been described by some as a place that is not very LGBT-friendly. Maybe that is a matter of opinion and perspective. Nevertheless, the fear is that citizens armed with rifles may bring harm to Faamelu. And, of course, there is another catch that CBS hinted at but didn’t quite address head-on.

As a result of war breaking out in Ukraine, the Government has banned all males between the ages of 18-60 from leaving the country. So if a person like Zi Faamelu attempts to cross the border into a country like Poland for example, they will be turned back. This is because Faamelu’s passport still identifies “her” as male. CBS tried to highlight this reality as some sort of homophobia/transphobia… but in reality, this is simple fairness. If all other men in Ukraine between 18 and 60 cannot leave, then why should an XY male who “identifies” as female be able to leave? What would stop any other XY male from doing the same just to skirt the law?

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There have been quite a few ridiculous news stories like this that have popped up online and on mainstream media itself. One of the craziest stories was the “Ghost of Ukraine”. Battlefield footage appeared to have leaked online that showed a fierce fighter pilot making astounding maneuvers. It turned out to be footage from a video game called “Digital Combat Simulator”. Fake photos of the “Ghost” with different people’s faces floated around as well.

The story of “Snake Island” is another half true, half war propaganda story that was told by the mainstream media this time. Russian soldiers descended upon the fortified island off the coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea. The soldiers told fortified Ukrainians to drop their weapons or they will be fired upon. The Ukrainians allegedly said “Go F*** Yourself” back to the Russians in their language. No footage of Russian soldiers firing their weapons upon the island has ever emerged. The conclusion was made that the brave and defiant Ukrainians died defending their country. In reality, they were simply taken into custody, unharmed, and may be released back to Ukraine soon.

War is a terrible thing and all innocent bystanders should be protected to the best of each nation’s military capability. War propaganda lies, and ridiculous irrelevant storylines have no place in this setting and only serve to push forward unrelated narratives on the back of a tragedy.

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