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650 Black Women In Georgia Will Recieve $850 Per Month In UBI

A select group of 650 poor black women mostly in the Atlanta, Georgia area will receive $850 dollars per month of Universal Basic Income (UBI). The program, called “In Her Hands” is slated to last for two years and cost a total of $13 million. The purpose of said program is to improve their financial stability, tackle the racial wealth gap, and improve mental health. The program will also study the results of handing out cash with no strings attached. “In Her Hands” is funded by the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund also known as the GRO Fund.

Programs that specifically focus on race aren’t often called out for racism when the focus is “people of color”. If this program were specifically for white women, then all of the alarms of racism would ring at a breakneck pace. There is also obvious gender discrimination. Why not include black men in this program? Some news outlets justify gender exclusion by comparing the wealth of black women to that of white men. This is done to show a large gap because the average income of white males is much higher due to people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos skewing the numbers. Black men are not compared to black women because the number is much closer and doesn’t show a need for yet another entitlement program.

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Handing out cash to “underrepresented” communities in the United States does not help. Conducting a study on this particular program will be a colossal waste of time. Lyndon Baines Johnson introduced the welfare state to the United States back in the 1960s. There is no need for expensive studies from large organizations on the effects of LBJ’s policies. The proof is evident for anyone to see. Welfare programs do not truly uplift the vast majority of people out of poverty. Instead, generations of people become anchored in poverty. There is no need for drive and ambition if underemployed and/or unemployed people are subsidized enough to remain comfortable.


Pay Black women: Georgia program to be South’s largest in guaranteed income

Hundreds Of Black Women In Georgia Will Get $850 Per Month In Guaranteed Income

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  1. The race supremacists such as the Joe Biden character has found a new way to keep all non-whites in chains. Only the discerning and alert will recognize that fact while the rest will remain in a condition saturated with lack of concern and awareness, justifying in some horrid ways their own enslavement to the party who created the kkk in the first place and continue on with their warped underhanded creeds to this day as their forebears have.

  2. That’s the most insanely stupid shyte I’ve ever heard, and it’s as racist as it can get. Deciding that only blacks get the free money is the definition of racism.
    Anything decided solely on the color of a person’s skin is what racism is about. Blacks are the most racist trash on Earth.

  3. If it only goes to one race of people, it discriminates against all other races of people. Watch to see how long this lasts! And believe me Biden, a very devout racist, knows it. This way he can hand it out and appear non racist, and have the courts overrule it, and he wins both ways. I hope people see this for what it is. It’s just another racist democrat, fooling you into thinking he is not a racist. If he is not a racist, he would have approved it for any race and it would not be overturned based on racism. So what is he actually giving you? Smoking mirrors. Stoking the fires of racism, while blaming it on others. If it is racism against any person alive, it is RACISM.

  4. Free Money; Except that somebody, probably not black, is forced to provide it. Hopefully somebody takes this to court & ends this program before it begins because of the racism involved. We need to have LBJ’s welfare nation declared unconstitutional so these lazy trash will get off their azzes & get to work. Free money is the new slavery as we taxpayers are forced by the whipcrackers (the government) to provide all the needs of the lazies (master class), effectively at gunpoint….try not paying your taxes & see if you don’t wind up taken in by the whipcrackers.

  5. A couple quotes come to mind. (I’m not sure who coined them but I’m quoting them.)
    “If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always depend of the support of Paul.”
    “Whenever somebody get something for nothing, somebody else gets nothing for something.”

  6. I like this. It keeps these fat azz Bleeps from applying for affirmative action jobs. Just give them a lousy $850 and this is the top of the mountain for these sad tribes. This way we insure poverty for them.

  7. A philanthropist one told me if you give a hand out there will always be a hand out to take it. He know many people on any dole shouldn’t be there.

  8. Mmmmmm hmmmmmm guuuurrrrrrrllllll, we be gettin dat rel cool ade dis tim, no mo of dat sto bran cool Ade. Now lil pooky Gon be able to git Dem Jodan shus wif out sellen Dem druggs.

  9. If Black men weren’t abandoning their children in droves, this program wouldn’t be needed. Black men are men. Why would they get free money when the little money they do make doesn’t even go to their kids?

  10. Jasmine – you’re dead wrong, and have ZERO idea on Black male statistics. You’re parroting white supremacist talking points, without taking time to review ACTUAL data. In present-day, over 50% of Black men DON’T have kids. At least 30% are married, presumably producing kids with their wives. Less than 20% of Black males produce all these out of wedlock kids. Check the stats. It’s all out there on official gov. sites (e.g., Dept. of Health, Dept. of Vital Statistics, Institute for Family Studies, etc.). Over 60% of Black men are middle-class earners or better – American Enterprise Institute (AEI) confirms this as fact. Over 70 PERCENT of Black kids are born out of wedlock, and it is WOMEN who control sexual access and make the FINAL DECISION to give birth. If over 50% of Black men DON’T have kids, and with 60% at middle class… WHY are Black women ignoring PRODUCTIVE men in favor of losers & dirtbags? This is NOT a Black male problem!

  11. This is to ensure poverty among Black women and to keep Black kids in dire circumstances and begging for money. It helps NO ONE. This 2-year, $850 “free money” program is yet another white supremacist tactic to divide & KEEP Black men separated from Black women. The point is to ELIMINATE the need for Black men and INTACT families, and have women go straight to gov. or privately-funded handouts. It’s white supremacy 101, and a few quick google searches reflect the number of gullible women falling for the scam. Notably, these programs are NEVER offered to whites, Asians, Latinos, or other groups. Other races get money DIRECT from the government and never parsed as handouts, but “official” programs. U.S. gov. does NOT want strong Black families with confident male leaders. They want broken, disjointed single mothers and uninformed women seeking handouts versus depending on competent Black male leadership, guidance, and protection. It’s working very well as women fall for it hook, line, and sinker…

  12. I agree – get rid of it. Get rid of ALL of it… and while you’re at it, get rid of white supremacy as well. It’s about time for ALL these lazy, sorry, no-good whites who DEPEND on government-sanctioned assistance to get off affirmative action for white people! These pathetic, white losers have been on the U.S. gov. white supremacy program for the past 400 YEARS, and time to end this program! All it does is create Kyle Rittenhouse-style murderers, mass shooters, and violent douchebags. When is America going to DO SOMETHING about these white, criminal THUGS raised by IRRESPONSIBLE white parents (e.g., the Crumbleys) or come from these FATHERLESSS homes? C’mon America! Get it together!

  13. Kevin C – I was right there with you concerning the gov’t intent to make and keep certain peoples dependent on them and therefore loyal voters. Then you repeated the “Kyle Rittenhouse murderer” lie, and you totally lost me. Crumbleys? Yes, one example of bad parenting. However, don’t ignore Chicago and elsewhere where there are extraordinary numbers of examples.

  14. White man didn’t make you people lose your moral character and just fuck like monkeys and leave them pregnant for the state to take care of. you’re losers man


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