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Sex And The City Reboot Appears To Embrace Woke Culture

“Sex And The City” has made a return after fifteen years of absence and it appears that they have embraced modern-day woke culture. A scene from the new season portrays a situation where one of the main characters finds herself in a law class. The character, portrayed by former New York gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon, attempts to randomly take a seat. The seating is circular with armless chairs placed side-by-side. One of her classmates tells her to not sit where she initially sat because the professor usually sits there. Another woman comes in and tries to sit in the same seat. Naturally, Cynthia Nixon’s character (Miranda Hobbes) tells her to not sit there because that’s where the professor sits. This is where the cringe “wokeness” really begins and shines through.

The woman Cynthia Nixon’s character told to not sit in the professor’s seat was actually the professor. This woman was also black. Nixon’s character did know who the professor of the class was, as she had done research before arriving. The problem is that the woman had braids in her hair which was different than the picture on the university’s website. So then the issue of hair braids became a topic with the woman asking something along the lines of “should a law professor not have braids?” That question started a long, drawn-out babble-fest of an apology from Cynthia Nixon’s character.

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A perpetually offended person would think that “Miranda Hobbes” was being racist to assume that a black woman with braids could not be a professor. The writers and producers of Sex And The City appear to have crafted this scene to explore this point. They wanted to first dispel the notion that a black woman could not be a law professor. Then they wanted to get the point across about black women’s choices of hairstyles. This has been a serious issue that has surfaced in everything from the United States Military to sports like swimming. The producers also employed the efforts of a person that appears to be gender non-binary to guide the scene’s level of “wokeness”. The law school scene was so on-the-nose with current far-leftist culture in the United States that it almost came off as a YouTube comedic parody.


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