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Aaron Rodgers Responds To Controversy Surrounding His Vaccination Status

NFL star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, rocked the sports world when the reality of his vaccination status made the news. Some people were under the impression that Rodgers had gotten his shots before the NFL season due to a question he was asked. During a pre-season press conference, a reporter asked Rodgers if he was vaccinated. Rodgers responded by saying “yeah, I’m immunized”. This comment was taken by some to mean that he had received the shots, but that is not what Rodgers meant. He had consulted with a medical team to perform a rigorous treatment that raised his immunity level. But he did not actually get vaccinated.

The NFL, according to Rodgers, was fully aware of what he was doing instead of becoming officially “vaccinated”. Rodgers had the full counsel of a medical team before his immunization treatment began. The recent “Jeopardy” host also thoroughly researched all available vaccinations before he landed on the decision to go another direction. Moderna and Pfizer were immediately ruled out because Rodgers has an allergy to a specific ingredient in mRNA vaccines. Johnson & Johnson was the only other available option. At the time, J&J had several publicized incidents with quality control and adverse reactions. It was even pulled off of the market for a while due to all of the problems. So Rodgers declined to get any of the available vaccines and he took a different route.

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A large chunk of media types across radio, online, and television refer to Aaron Rodgers as a “liar” for the statements he made about his vaccination status. Technically, he did not lie because he did not say the phrase “I’ve gotten the vaccine”. He simply said that he’s immunized. Those are two different things. Some of these same media types label him as selfish for refusing to “protect” his teammates by being unvaccinated and not following the NFL’s unvaccinated protocols. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says that the vaccine does not prevent transmission. And the NFL’s protocols are not scientific. They do nothing but mark an unvaccinated person as unvaccinated. Rodgers collaborated with the NFL with all of this in mind. Of course, the media doesn’t really care about all of the details that give proper context to Aaron Rodgers’ vaccination status.

Rodgers gave a lengthy interview about this subject to the Pat McAfee show. He spoke on his scientific research, the painstaking process to become immunized beyond vaccinations, and most importantly he touched on the political nature of all of this. The word “science” has become weaponized by politics. Everything is about left vs. right when it should be about sickness vs. health. Rodgers does not consider himself political or an anti-vaxxer. He simply wants to champion bodily autonomy. People should be able to reject vaccinations going into their bodies if they want to. Coercion from an employer and/or the Federal Government is contrary to personal freedom.


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